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                    Affiliated with International Institute of Church Management of New York
             Accredited by AAATI -American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions, NC, USA
             A Certified Member of ACEA- Apostolic Council of Educational Accountability, CO, USA
             A Certified Member of NATA- National Association for Theological Accreditation, Bangalore, INDIA
             Asian Office: *G-1, “Ruby Tower”, 240, Velachery Road, Selaiyur, Chennai – 600 073.Tel: 22791970 /22395149
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                                                                   Founder/ President: Rev. John Williams Ph.D.

 Application Form for Admission  

I. VISION OF IICM                                                                                                                                                  TOP                                     
Our Vision is to offer

An Excellent Program of Theological Education providing Choices to Specialize in Specific Areas of Ministry
2. Offering the
Best Books and Resources available
3. Backed up by a Team of
Highly Qualified & Committed Faculty Members
4. Catering to
all Denominations, which believe that the Bible is the Word of God
5. In order to equip them to be
Effective and Successful in their Respective Ministries
6. Facing the
Challenges of the 21st Century!

II. OBJECTIVES OF IICM CORRESPONDENCE COURSES                                         TOP   

To provide Continuing Education for Pastors, Evangelists,Bible Teachers and Christian Leaders;

To equip Professionals, Businessmen/women & Lay Leaders for Ministry

To Teach the Word of God topically in a Simple and Practical Way to make it Easy to Understand and Apply it, both in their Lives and Ministries

4. To help understand the importance of using
Management Skills

and Modern Technologies of Communication to
Maximize Results in the Ministry

To impart Revelation Knowledge of the Word of God and the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

6. To facilitate
Spiritual, Leadership and Church Growth and Development

7. To help being Effective and Successful in Life and Ministry in terms of
achieving Goals and realizing Full Potential

8. To help
Discover and Fulfill God’s Will & Purpose


                                        III. ACCREDITED THEOLOGICAL DEGREE PROGRAMS    

                                                                                                        Offered by
                                                CORRESPONDENCE, INTERNET & OPEN THEOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY

A Certificate Course in Theology
A Diploma Course in Theology
Bachelor of Ministry
Bachelor of Theology
Bachelor of Divinity
Bachelor of Biblical Studies
Master of Ministry
Master of Theology
Master of Divinity
Master of Biblical Studies
Master of Church Management
Master of Christian Leadership
Master of Missiology
Doctor of Ministry
Doctor of Theology
Doctor of Missiology
Doctor of Divinity
Doctor of Sacred Theology
in Biblical Studies

                                                                            IV. AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION

Apostolic Ministry Prayer Ministry Biblical Studies
Men's/Women's Ministry Evangelistic Ministry Theology
Youth/Children's Ministry Christian Counseling Praise & Worship
Prophetic Ministry Christian Leadership Missiology
Pastoral Ministry Apologetics Comparative Religion
Signs and Wonders Church Management Christian Education
Church History Old/New Testament Teaching Ministry
(Also a Tailor Made Program is available to suit the specific needs of students)


                                                                V. OTHER PROGRAMS & ACTIVITIES OF IICM

1. Church Management and Leadership Seminars 2. Pastors and Leaders Conferences
3. Publication of Christian books and magazines 4. Preaching and ministering in Churches, Gospel Meetings and Crusades all over India.
5. Video and TV Ministry 6. Networking with Other Ministries



                                                                                    VI. ADMISSION PROCEDURES
                                        Fill out the Application Form, which is attached to this Catalog, and Send it to us by email.
                                        (You need not send any registration fees at this time, or even copies of your certificates)


                                                                                  VII. ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS     

                                                 1. Certificate/Diploma Course
                                                 High school education (Equivalent to 12 years of schooling)
                                                 plus a few years of theological education or some experience in the ministry.

                                                 2. Bachelor Degree
                                                High school education (Equivalent to 12 years of schooling)
                                                plus a few years of theological education or some experience in the ministry.

                                                3. Master Degree
                                                An earned Bachelor's Degree in Theology or a Bachelor's Degree in any field
                                                 (plus some theological education in a Bible School for a few years or some ministerial experience).

                                                4. Doctoral Degree
                                                An earned Master's Degree in Theology/ Master's Degree in any field
                                                (plus some theological education and ministerial experience)


                                                 If the applicant does not meet the minimum requirements for admission
                                                 in a particular program, the applicant will be

                                                                                i. Denied Admission
                                                                                ii. Accepted in the Lower Degree Program
                                                                                iii. Required to do some Additional Courses or Assignments


                                                                        VIII. LIST OF COURSES OFFERED BY IICM

                                                                                    I. TOPICAL BIBLE COURSES - 18

Angelology and Demonology Bible Truths-I Bible Truths-II
Biblical Principles on Giving Church Management and Christian Leadership Discipleship
Discovering and Fulfilling God's will Divine Health and Healing Ethics in the Ministry
Foundational Doctrines God's Economic System and Divine Prosperity Living by Faith
Prayers that are Answered Special Topics Spiritual Growth
The Anointing of the Holy Spirit The Power of God Wisdom of God



                                                            II. BIBLICAL STUDIES- BOOKS OF THE BIBLE -38

New Testament  Old Testament The Acts
St. Luke Genesis James
St. John Timothy I & II Ezra
Ruth & Esther Psalms Revelation
Romans Corinthians I & II Hebrews
Nehemiah Peter I & II Thessalonians I & II
Proverbs Titus Judges
John I, II & III Jude Joshua
 Galatians Samuel I & II St. Mark
Ephesians St. Matthews Isaiah
 Chronicles I & II The Book of Daniel Major Prophets
Hosea through Malachi Pentateuch Pauline Epistles
Minor Prophets The Synoptic Gospels  



                                                                    III. BIBLE RESEARCH COURSES -39


Bible Archaeology Bible Truths-III Bible Truths-IV
Book Reviews Christian Leadership Christology
Church Growth Eschatology Hell and Heaven
Hermeneutics Homiletics Life of Jesus Christ
Major and Minor Prophets Ministry New Testament Survey
Old Testament Survey Pauline Epistles Prayer
Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon Selected Readings The Book of Acts
The Book of Daniel The Book of Psalms The Book of Revelation
The Book of Romans The Christian Family The Church
The Fulfillment of the End-Time Prophecies The Gifts of the Holy Spirit The Great Men of God
The Judgment of God The Pentateuch The Prophets and Prophecies
The Second Coming The Synoptic Gospels The Women of the Bible
The Word of God Living in the Kingdom of God Practical Evangelism




                                        IV. GENERAL THEOLOGICAL/ BIBLE COURSES -94

Apologetics Apostolic Ministry Bible Archaeology Bible People
Bible Prophecy Children Ministry Christian Character Christian Counseling
Christian Education Christian Leadership Christian Marriage Christian Martyrs
Christology Church Discipline Church Government Church Growth
Church History Church Music Church Planting Church Sacraments
Comparative Religion Confessions Creation and Evolution Cross-Cultural Communication
Educational Psychology Eschatology Evangelical Teaching Evangelism
Evangelistic Ministry Expository Preaching Faith Fasting & Prayer
Fundamentals of Music Gifts of the Holy Spirit Gospel in the Kingdom Healing Ministry
Homiletics Human Relations Hermeneutics Internet Bible Research
Intro to Psychology Intro to Sociology Jewish History Leadership
Life of Jesus Christ Liturgy Major Prophets Marriage Counseling
Men of the Bible Men's  Ministry Minor Prophets Missiology
Missions New Testament Survey Old Testament Survey Pastoral Counseling
Pastoral Ministry Pneumatology Practical Evangelism Praise
Praise & Worship Prayer Preaching & Teaching Prophecy
Prophetic Ministry Redemption & Salvation Revival Sermon on the Mount
Signs and Wonders Soteriology Spiritual Warfare Teaching Ministry
Teachings of Jesus Team Ministry (Leadership) The Charismatic Movement The Christian Family
The Church The Great Commission The Great Men of God The Holy Spirit
The Parables of Jesus The Scientific Evidence of the Bible The Second Coming Themes of the Bible
Theology Thesis Writing Vision Who was Who in the Bible
Women in the Bible Women's  Ministry Worship Youth Ministry
& several other courses to meet the specific needs of students



                                         IX. LIST OF REQUIREMENTS FOR DEGREE PROGRAMS


# Degree  Emphasis  Number of Courses Required  Dissertation Ministry Project
      TBC  BB  BRC  GTBC  SC    
1.  C.Th   4 3 2        2 Months (if BRC is not done
2. DIP.TH.   6   4 2      3 Months (if BRC is not done
3. B .Min. * Practical Ministry 12 4 4        
4.  B.Th. * Standard Theological Courses 12   4 4      
5.  B.D. *Traditional Seminary Training 12   4 4      
6.  B.B.S. * Emphasis on the Books of Bible 12 4 4        
7.  M.Min. * Practical Ministry 16 2   2      
8.  M.Mis.   16       4    
9.  M.Th.  * Standard Theological Courses 16   2 2      
10.  M.Div. *Traditional Seminary Training 16   2 2      
11.  M.B.S.  * Emphasis on the Books of Bible 16 2   2      
12.  M.C.M.   16       4    
13.  M.C.L.   16       4    
14 .  D.Min  * Practical Ministry 12 2   4 2  Optional  Required, if dissertation is not done
15.  D.Mis.   16       4    
16 .  D.D. *Traditional Seminary Training 12   4 4   A Thesis is Required  
17.  Th.D.  * Standard Theological Courses 12 2   4 2    
18.  S.T.D.
* Combination of Standard Theological Courses &Traditional
12   2 4 2  Required  
19.  Ph.D.  * Emphasis on Research 12   2 4 2  Required  
TBC Topical Bible Courses BB Books of the Bible
BRC Bible Research Courses GTBC General Theological and Bible Courses
SC Special Courses  


* Students should choose to register in a Degree Program of Ministry, Theology, Biblical Studies or Divinity, depending upon the following factors:
· The kind of Theological Training desired by the applicant
· The kind of Degree which is generally accepted and preferred in the Church of the applicant
· The Ministry Goal of the applicant

It should also be noted that regardless of the kind of degree program in which students enroll, a wide range of options are offered to students to choose areas of specialization, and also to choose specific courses in various areas of study. It will be a tailor made program just to get the students need.

ICM will supply all Topical Bible Course Books published by them, course outlines for Bible Research Courses and Books of the Bible. For General Theological Courses and Specialized Courses several books will be recommended for reading. Syllabus will be provided for all these courses. If students so desire, they may purchase at their own cost some specific books recommended by IICM directly from the Publisher at a whole sale price. Price list will be provided upon request.

Exams for the IICM Correspondence Degree Programs: Our Policy is not to test the memory of the student or to put them through strain of preparing for the exam. We only test the understanding of the students of the subject matter. Therefore, we give only open book tests, which can be done by the students from their own homes. There is no need for our students to come to our Extension Center or to our Head Office.



                                                              X. FEES FOR THE ENTIRE DEGREE PROGRAM
                                                  INCLUDING SOME BOOKS & COURSE MATERIALS

                            With effect from January 1, 2004, our fees schedule for our Theological Degree Students
                            enrolling in Internet or Correspondence Courses will be as follows:

                                                                    COURSE FEES:

  Plan I (100%)  Plan II (Initial payment 25%)
Degrees  Full Payment Payment in 6 months
C.Th.  Rs.1000/-  Rs.1000/- + 10% (Rs.100/-)
Dip. Th. Rs.1500/- Rs.1500/- + 10% (Rs.150/-)
B.Min. Rs.2000/ Rs.1500/- + 10% (Rs.150/-)
B.Th.  Rs.3000/-  Rs.3000/- + 10% (Rs.300/-)
B.D Rs.3000/- Rs.3000/- + 10% (Rs.300/-)
B.B.S. Rs.3000/- Rs.3000/- + 10% (Rs.300/-)
M.Min. Rs.4000/- Rs.4000/- + 10% (Rs.400/-)
M.Th. Rs.6000/-  Rs.6000/- + 10% (Rs.600/-)
M.Div. Rs.6000/- Rs.6000/- + 10% (Rs.600/-)
M.B.S. Rs.6000/- Rs.6000/- + 10% (Rs.600/-)
M.Mis. Rs.6000/- Rs.6000/- + 10% (Rs.600/-)
M.C.L. Rs.6000/- Rs.6000/- + 10% (Rs.600/-)
M.C.M. Rs.6000/- Rs.6000/- + 10% (Rs.600/-)
D.D. Rs.10000/- Rs.10000/- + 10% (Rs.1000/-)
D.Mis.  Rs.15000/- Rs.15000/- + 10% (Rs.1500/-)
D.Min. Rs.15000/- Rs.15000/- + 10% (Rs.1500/-)
S.T.D. Rs.20000/- Rs.20000/- + 10% (Rs.2000/-)
Th.D. Rs.20000/- Rs.20000/- + 10% (Rs.2000/-)
Ph.D.  Rs.25000/  Rs.25000/- + 10% (Rs.2500/-)


                 In addition to this amount, you should also pay the registration fee as indicated below:

     C.Th. - Rs. 100/-             Dip. Th. - Rs.150/-            Bachelors Rs.200/-              Masters Rs.300/-               Doctorates Rs.400/-

If you can not pay the full fees immediately after admitted in our degree course, you should pay at least 25% of the fees and pay the balance of 75% in 6 monthly installments. If you pay the fees under this plan, you should pay an additional 10% of the total fees.

The fees should be paid by MO or a D.D. in favor of
"IICM Educational Trust" and sent to:
IICM, 240 Ruby Tower G-1, Velachery Road, Selaiyur, Chennai 600 073, INDIA



                                                                             XI. STUDENT BODY OF IICM

"Thousands of students are currently studying in our Institute from several Denominations, Churches and Christian Organizations such asBaptist, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Anglican, Episcopalian, Assemblies of God, Church of God, Brethren Assembly, Marthomite, C.S.I. & C.N.I., Catholic Church, Full Gospel Church, Apostolic Church, Pentecostal Church, Full Gospel Church, Charismatic Church, Evangelical Church, Campus Crusade, YWAM, Bible Society, World Vision, Every Home Crusade, Bible Colleges and several other Churches and Christian Organizations from all over India.




 Students are either studying currently or have studied in the past from every State of India.



                                                XIII. MAGAZINE PUBLISHED BY IICM

                                    Anointing"  A Monthly Internet Magazineis circulated to tens of thousands of
                                    Pastors and Leaders, all over India, and around the world, who have Email IDs.




                                                                    XIV. PUBLICATIONS OF BOOKS BY IICM

 Angelology and Demonology  Bible Truths-I & II  Biblical Principles on Giving
Church Management and Christian Leadership Discipleship Discovering and Fulfilling God's will
Divine Health and Healing Ethics in the Ministry Foundational Doctrines
God's Economic System and Divine Prosperity Living by Faith Meditation of the Word of God
Prayers that are Answered Revelation Knowledge The Anointing of the Holy Spirit
The Power of God Wisdom of God Spiritual Growth



                                                                                                V. AFFILIATES    

Hundreds of Churches, Church Groups, Christian Organizations, and Bible Colleges ,operating in several States of India are affiliated with IICM for purposes such as Spiritual Covering, Training, Ordination, Fellowship, etc.



                                                                                            XVI. ALUMNI OF IICM

During the last two decades, hundreds of Pastors, Leaders of well-known Christian Organizations, Evangelists, Bishops, Presbyters, Principals/Faculty Members of Bible Colleges, Professionals, Businessmen/women, Lay Leaders, etc., have graduated from our institute from almost all the major denominations from all over India





Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran Jesus Calls Ministry, Chennai, INDIA
Dr. Joyce Scott SMI/IBL, Chennai, INDIA
Dr. B.K. Pramanik Bible Society Of India, Bangalore, INDIA
Dr. John Solomon Miracle Ministry, Chennai, INDIA
Dr. Sam Jebadurai Daily Bread, Chennai, INDIA
Dr. Jesudos FEBA Bangalore, INDIA
Dr. Neiliezhu Usou Baptist Church, Nagaland, INDIA
Dr. John Mathai World Vision of India, Chennai, INDIA
Dr. Henry Joseph Maranatha Full Gospel Church, Chennai, INDIA
Dr. Job Gnanaprakasam Indian Pentecostal Mission, Coimbatore, INDIA




                                                                    INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF REFERENCE

Dr. David Wang Asian Outreach International, Hong Kong
Dr. Donald P. Riling Golden Heights Christian Center Church, NY, U.S.A
 Dr. Henry Ramaya  Grace Assembly of God, KL, Malaysia
Dr. Joyce Scott SMI/IBL, PA, USA
Dr. Benjamin Selvaratnam  Apostolic Church, Paris, France
Rev. John Musser  Gospel Revival Ministries, MI, U.S.A.
Dr. Samuel Donkor All Nations Full Gospel Church, Downs View, Ontario, Canada
Dr. Arasu Rajaratnam  Logos Group, PA, USA
Dr. Vela Tan IJM, Sabah, East Malaysia
Rev. Randy Bozarth  Christ For The Nations Institute, Dallas, TX, USA



                                                                  XVIII. FACULTY/ADJUNCT FACULTY

We have a long list of highly qualified Faculty and Adjunct Faculty Members in several key cities of India , who are involved in the process of reviewing and upgrading our curriculum as well as evaluating and grading the assignments and tests of our students.



                                                                 XIX. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS        

1.      Are there any exams that you should take for the IICM Degree Courses?
Yes. However, since this is a Correspondence Course, you can take the test from your own place.  We will send you the question papers and you should send the answers either by email or through mail.  Our Faculty members will evaluate and grade your answer sheets.  You need not go to any city or to Chennai to take the exams.  

2.      Will you send us the correct answers for the objective tests, if our answer is wrong for any question?
No.  We will not send the key for the test.  It is confidential. 

3. For Bible Research Courses, what we should do?
As already noted in the Question Paper, at the top, you should research the Bible yourself and write the answers.  You can also refer to any other book on that subject or Bible Commentaries.  You must write your answers legibly or get them typed.    

4. Will there be contact classes?               
No. All clarifications will be done through correspondence, by mail or email only.   However, for the doctoral candidates, if requests come in, we can make arrangements for students to meet with one of our Faculty members in their area or the students may visit our Head Quarters at their own cost to get any guidance or any clarifications.

5. What is the duration of each course?
You can do it at your own pace.  There is no minimum time limit.  However, there is a maximum time limit to complete all the requirements as indicated below:                            
C.Th.                                                                            1 Year
            D.Th.                                                                            2 Years

            B.Min.,  B.Th., B.D., B.B.S.                                       2 Years
            M.Min., M.Mis.,  M.Th., M.Div., M.B.S.
               2 Years   
            D.Min,  D.Mis., D.D., Th.D., S.T.D., Ph.D
.            3 Years

If you need more time, you have to write to us and get our permission, before the expiration of this period from the date of registration.  For valid reasons time will be extended for 6-12 months at the discretion of the Academic Dean.

 If the time expires for the completion of the degree program, the student should go through the process of reactivation, at which time the students may be required to do some additional academic work or pay some additional fees, if any changes have been made after the date of enrollment of the student.  There will also be a reactivation fee depending upon the degree in which the candidate is enrolled. 

 6. Is there any general instruction that we should follow when we correspond with you?
Be sure to write your student number, correct postal address, phone number, e-mail address etc., so that you will get a prompt reply. We suggest that you send your letters, answer sheets and other assignments by speed post or courier mail, if you would like to receive a reply quickly.   

7. Can you explain a little bit about the Ministry Project that we have to do?
Ministry Project may be done by a D.Min. student, if he so desires, instead of writing a Thesis.  Upon request we will send you necessary instructions to do this project. In special cases we also have a provision to give other assignments to students to meet their particular needs and special interests.

8. What we should do if we are interested in Ordination, Affiliation, serving as a Representative of IICM, Director of an IICM Extension Center, or an Adjunct Faculty of IICM?
If you will indicate to us your particular interest in any one or more of the above services and opportunities that IICM provides, we will give you necessary instructions and information. 

9. Do you offer your courses in Tamil Medium?         
Yes, we do.  Right now we are offering most of our course in Tamil Language and a good number of students are enrolled in them.  As a matter of fact, we are just about ready to offer our course in Telugu and we are also processing requests from many Christian Leaders from all over India to offer our Courses in the major regional languages of India.  You may also let us know if you would like to do it in a particular language. 

10. How many and what courses should we take for various degrees that you offer?
The number and the kind of courses each degree student should take, is listed in the Catalog.  However, we give discretion to students to select certain specific courses from each category if they want to specialize in some areas. 

After we receive the Application, we will send a complete list of all the courses that each student should take.  But at the same time we also provide several choices to pick courses in which they might be interested.  In our latest Catalog and also in our Website we have given a list of titles of courses that each degree student is normally required to take. 

11. Do you have a specific time in a year for Admission?
No.  We admit students throughout the year on any working day.  

12. What is meant by Credit Hours?
One credit hour is considered to be equivalent to 45 hours of lecture in the American System. However, since we are offering Correspondence Courses, the course materials that we provide will be equivalent to what you will get through 45 hours of lecture.  

13. Any other information that we need to know?
Yes.  IICM website has all details about IICM, including the Catalog of IICM.  Further, we send by email a monthly magazine, which will contain a special Article and other information of interest to the students.  If you have an email address and do not receive our free magazine Anointingť by email, please send your email address, requesting us to add your name in our email list. 

After you get a Doctoral Degree from IICM, you may become an Adjunct Faculty of IICM or a Director of Extension Center of IICM in your area, if you so desire, if positions are available. 

All Students of IICM may also serve as a Rep. of IICM even while they are studying and receive a contribution towards their ministry depending upon the number of students they enroll.

Dean of Academics



                                          XX. RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES OF MEMBERSHIP


The Benefits and Privileges of becoming a Member of IICM are as follows:
A To Get
Affiliated with IICM
B· To Get
Ordained by IICM
C· To Serve as a
Representative of IICM
D To Serve as an
Adjunct Faculty of IICM
E To Serve as a
Franchisee of IICM
F To Serve as the
Director of our Extension Center
G To
Set up an Office for IICM and operate it
H To
Organize and Coordinate our Seminars, Conferences, Gospel Meetings etc., in your country.
I To
Translate our Course Materials into any Major Language of the World
To Join one of our Theological Degree Programs as a Correspondence Student


                                                                        Application Form for Admission

International Institute Of Church Management

C.Th D. Th. B.Min.  B.Th  B.D. B.B.S M.Min. M.Th. M.Div M.B.S.
M.C.L M.C.M. M.Mis. D.Mis. D.Min Th.D. D.D.  S.T.D.  Ph.D.  

(Through Correspondence __/Internet __/Open University__/Residential Bible College___)

1.Name :

2.Home Address :

3. Telephone : Home : Office : E-mail Address :

4. Present Occupation :

5. Date of Birth :

6. General Education :

7. Church Membership :

8. Name of Pastor :

9. Position held in Church :

10. Ministry Training :

11. Areas of Specialization :

12. Ministerial Experience :

13. Long Range Ministry Goals :

14. Source of information about IICM: IICM Website ___ Anointing Magazine ___
Specify, if through other source _________________________

15. I would like to become a Member of IICM _____. Membership in IICM is a prerequisite
to join our Correspondence Course. Rs. 100/- for the Annual Membership will be
taken out of the fees paid by you. The Rights and Privileges of Membership are
given above.

Date : ______________

Place : ______________ ____________________ SIGNATURE

In order to enroll in any one of our Degree Programs, you should fill out the above Application Form and send it to us by email/regular mail. When we send an admission letter, we will indicate the list of courses to be completed and the amount of fees to be paid. You are not required to send any payment when you send your application for processing.

If you would like to read the comments of our Current Students or Alumni about our courses or more about the Ministries of IICM, you may browse our Website or review our “Anointing” magazines, for which references are given above.

Our Mailing/ Email Address:

Main IndianOffice:
IICM, 240, Ruby Tower, G-1, Velachery Main Road, Selaiyur, Chennai 600 073, INDIA.